United Nations Geneva

United Nations Geneva

Geneva is where I start my journey. The landing was worth every penny I paid and I would even go as far as to say that if all my trip amounted to was viewing the alps through an aircraft window then I would be satisfied. You get a full view of lake Geneva and the snow capped mountains as you arrive, it is seriously breathtaking. Incroyable!

I landed at 10 am and bought myself a tram ticket for the day which came to only 8 Swiss francs. The tram to the city centre was very quick. It all just seemed too easy really as everything was clearly labelled, on time and it was very tourist friendly. So far everyone has understood my French. That’s a good start!

The whole experience has been quite nerve racking and there were so many things to do before leaving Liverpool for Geneva. Money was always my biggest worry but I managed to get a EU travel card from the post office which seems like the easiest option as it allows you to transfer money from a UK account to the travel card for free. Grenoble university had been very good at replying to my emails despite the holiday season. Now I all need to do is focus on one step at a time- next step visiting a friend in Switzerland.

So what am doing right now? Seriously… I am so happy it is unreal. I am sitting in front of a monument called Brunswick’s monument next to lake Geneva in a little chalet-style coffee shop with outdoor fires going. Charles II, duke of Brunswick sounds like a very vain and mean man however he paid for an extremely beautiful monument to be built which I have the pleasure of viewing. There are little birds flying around the cafe area. One landed on my table earlier and surprised me. Maybe it took pity on me because it saw I was the only one sitting on my own! I must sound like a loser to all of you but I feel so relaxed.

Today it is lovely and warm- no wind, no clouds, no rain and I can see the sun. I am seriously glad to be out of the UK as I was starting to get fed up of being cold. I think I will take a tram to see the United Nations building before getting the train to la Chaux-de-fonds.

P.s. I think I could live in Geneva.


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