I am in Week 2 of my studies and it’s time to pick up the pace! Last week was intense as we have been told to try lots of different classes to see which ones we want to carry on with. On top of that I have had the chance to see Jupiter through a telescope, go snowboarding and go to a 90s party!

It was a week of simply saying… it’s sooo different from home! Every erasmus student said that all week I think. The lectures start at 8am and the last class of the day finishes at 18.50. That has taken some getting used to but I am starting to appreciate the early starts. Lectures are a minimum of 1.5hrs longs but some are 2hrs long. Some law students told me that they have 3hr lectures. This would be okay if powerpoints were used to the best of their advantage however they too often are there to add to the interior design. However I am thankful for the fact that some lecturers are fantastic and have online blogs with the bibliographies and links to sites. So far the level of teaching has been fantastic and I have had a class on ‘Islam and Muslims in contemporary France’, ‘Transnational history of Europe’ and ‘the history of the environmental movement in european societies’. I am struggling to take notes but I will get used to it, right now I am just trying to figure out what works for me.

Okay so snowboarding! Firstly imagine ‘Bridget Jone’s Diaries; the Edge of Reason’ and then think of everytime I have ever dropped something, lost my balance, bumped into something or just been a general clown. I hope some people are starting to understand where I am coming from. It was 2.5/3 hours of falling over and being unable to balance. The morning included me freaking out infront of my class as I tried to mount the slope on the telesiege thing (single person one). I fell again but half way up the slope and was at the back of the group the whole time. I definitely felt like bambi on ice but apart from bambi attached to a board! Despite not having that much fun I still managed to see one of the most spectacular views in the world. The Alps with all the alpine trees and the sun beating down on me.

For those who are reading this and thinking, ‘NO, snowboarding is fun!’. Don’t worry I am going to have to go to every class for the semester if I want to pass it. Next week will be better I am sure. JUst need to get over my aching body and bruises! hahaha 🙂


The night consisted of my friend getting locked in my bathroom for 40mins! My friends birthday party at my place being awesome. We went to a 90s themed erasmus welcome party afterwards which had nothing to do with the 90s and I am so glad I did not wear my swimming costume, leggings and trainers! Everyone was dressed normally and the music was from the noughties! Or some really rubbish 90s which no-one has heard of. 


Forgot to say that the food is awesome. Loving the variety of good quality bread!



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